When I was married and it was just me and my husband for Thanksgiving, we discovered that a turkey breast cooked in a slow cooker in gravy makes the most delicious, fall-apart Thanksgiving turkey EVER. You just cook regular brown gravy extra thick, then pour it into the slow cooker, add turkey breast, and cook… » 1/22/14 11:30am 1/22/14 11:30am

Something I've learned in my long-distance relationships: When things get tough, keep in touch. Sometimes it gets difficult, and you just want to withdraw to take care of yourself and get away from the emotional distress of having someone you want to be close to but who is out of your reach. And that's okay. But… » 7/23/13 8:44am 7/23/13 8:44am

I got one of their drawing tablets as a cheap travel art tablet, so I wouldn't run the risk of damaging or losing my $500 Wacom when I go on trips to conventions and such. For ~$30, I got a tablet that I would absolutely recommend to any beginning digital artist. I don't consider it better than my Wacom (but then, I… » 7/15/13 8:50am 7/15/13 8:50am

This looks less like a closet storage unit, and more like a his-and-hers "what to wear tomorrow" rack. Though with the number of fittings available, this seems like a pretty modular idea. Your setup idea would be great for more storage, but this piece has better presentation for outside the closet. » 4/24/12 2:55pm 4/24/12 2:55pm

This came at a perfect time for me. I've been rushing around, getting my new apartment set up, running back and forth to and from job interviews, and now I'm hitting that dead zone where all I want to do is play Minecraft, read a book, and check Facebook every 5 minutes or so. I was in the zone, getting things done,… » 4/24/12 10:49am 4/24/12 10:49am

I don't care if men stare at my assets, as long as they don't assume they can DO anything with them. There's nothing wrong with looking at something attractive, it's perfectly natural. I like looking at attractive men. And women, too. And well-groomed dogs. And trees with interesting branch configurations. And… » 3/28/12 6:51pm 3/28/12 6:51pm